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"Frankly, there are few individuals in all of Cook County who are better equipped by personal background and professional experience to serve as a Judge of the Circuit Court , than Michael I. O’ Malley."

Michael I. O'Malley for Judge


Michael I. O'Malley in his own words

-- Michael Sheahan

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Michael I. O'Malley

The election for Cook County Circuit Court Judge, on March 20th 2018, is a crucially important election.  Cook County has one of the largest unified court systems in the world.  Judges are responsible for ensuring that all Cook County residents – regardless of background – have equal access to justice.  Justice is served not only in the multiple criminal courtrooms located throughout Cook County but also in our Family and Civil law courtrooms as well.  As an Assistant State’s attorney, I have practiced in all three of these different and independent areas of law.     

My own background demonstrates my commitment to community fairness and equality.  I have served as an Assistant State’s Attorney for over a decade and have fought for the most vulnerable in Cook County, including women and children who were the victims of sexual abuse.  I have also served victims of some of Cook County’s most violent criminals, many of whom were members of the very gangs that prey on our poorest communities.  I have also fought for the single parents and taxpayers of Cook County while trying to hold deadbeat parents responsible for their child support obligations. 

In the Public Corruption and Financial Crimes Unit, I investigated and prosecuted public officials and public employees who stole from taxpayers.  I was willing to hold all of our public officials responsible for their criminal acts, and as a judge I will follow the law and apply it equally to all who appear before me.

As an Assistant State’s Attorney, I have been able to gain significant trial experience and practice in many different areas of law.  I have personally participated in hundreds of trials and hearings throughout my career. 

I am confident that if you were to compare my experience to that of my opponents, you will agree that I am the strongest and most qualified candidate. And as such I hope to earn your vote.  This election is critical and you deserve a say in who administers justice in Cook County.  Remember—O’Malley for Judge!

Michael I. O'Malley